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It was just announced on March 4th that Prom 2013 will be held at the finale of the singing competition American Idol. That being said, the two finalists will be performing for us at Prom!  Juniors and seniors will be given the chance to choose the winner.  The prom will be featured on national television, so dress your best. The theme of Prom will be Celebrity Night, so dress as if you are a celebrity — not a dress alike — dress as if you were an upcoming star.  The hall will be decorated with colored lights and dazzling stars hanging from the ceiling. Prom goers will get to take photos with past stars. On the entrance floor, they’ll see stars engraved with all the names of past Idol winners. The night will begin with a red carpet entrance and professional photographers taking photos to be featured in magazines across the USA. It will then continue with a raffle to determine who will be granted a one-on-one interview with Ryan Seacrest.

This amazing night will be held at the Sundance Event Center in Waukegan. So get your tickets now–you don’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Want to meet the world famous judges Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, and Randy Jackson, too?  You can for an additional fee. The night will end at Buffalo Wild Wings, where food will be served but transportation will not be provided.


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