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BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Are all Seniors really being held back?

The Waukegan Public School District is deciding to hold back the seniors for low test scores, bad GPA’s and grades. In 2012, the highest  ACT scores these students scored as juniors was 13. Parents are appalled by the horrible news and are worried about the future of their students.

Teachers have already submitted the names of the 432 seniors who are going to be held back for poor performance. They are firmly behind the administration’s decision.  In response, parents are asking to have a meeting about how and why this is happening. Many angered parents have been calling our school non-stop since they heard the horrible news. Students have not taken any action because they haven’t heard of the terrible news, despite the fact that this information was released on March 30, 2013.  The news, however, wasn’t widely publicized, until a teacher, who asked not be named for fear of being fired, found the article in the Waukegan newspaper.  This terrible news, was not supposed to be released until April 23rd, so students and parents would have less time to take action and start riots on school property, or stop coming to school, making the matter a bigger problem than it is.
For those of you who are not sure if you’ll be graduating, check your mailbox over the next few weeks for a notice.

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