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BELIEVE OR NOT: It’s Naptime!

It’s Naptime!

The school’s latest initiative is to give all students a pillow at the start of every school day. It seems as though every student is really tired when they get home from school. Based on parent reports, and eye-witness reports, teenagers in Waukegan are suffering from sleep deprivation.

In an effort to solve the problem, Waukegan has purchased 4,000 state-of-the-art pillows in school colors that are lined with silk.

Julio Wordsworth, a senior at Brookside, said he loves the new pillows. “They are like sleeping on a baby’s butt. So smooth.”

Desiree Craigen, a senior at Brookside, said, “This was a great idea! The pillows are so comfy I can’t help but to slob…”

Sara Nartles, a freshman at Brookside, said “I look forward to coming to school just so I can sleep in my Literature class with my ‘to die for’ pillow.”

Waukegan plans on suggesting this idea to all the other high schools in the area.  This idea will surely decrease the drop out rate and will motivate students to come to school on time more often.

No student should ever leave school “rest-less”!


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