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BELIEVE IT OR NOT: WHS Computers to Change! Read ALL About It!!!

Attention all Waukegan High School students!   We, the staff were all in a meeting discussing computers at the high school. One thing we all agreed on is that if we have so many other rules, then why should we have restrictions on the computers so that students can’t get on different sites?  When we all went to see what was available online to kids at school, we saw that nothing was available not even sites that help you if you’re studying or doing a research paper.  With the staff of Waukegan High School all coming to a consensus about this, we decided that starting April 9, 2013, kids and even administrative staff will be able to surf the Internet with less restrictions.  This means the following sites will now be available:

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Music Downloader
  • ITunes
  • Video Chat sites

We will see how this goes and how far students take it.  Hopefully they won’t abuse the privilege.  The only thing about it is that once we unblock these sites, there will be no turning back without being charged.

GOOOOO Bulldogs!!

START DATE: APRIL 9, 2013. Hope you a are looking forward to it

April fools got you!

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