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BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Brave Science Teacher Saves PROM from Malicious Muffin-Eating Monster!

It’s the day that girls dream about….  It’s the night everyone looks forward to: Prom.  Boys get to ask their special someone to dance, and girls get to go out with all their friends to find the perfect dress and hair.  Little did anyone know that all this could be in danger!  Every year the Prom Sponsor, Ms. Dee Hauser, and her fundraising committee, sell muffins to help lower the cost of Prom tickets.  No one ever imagined that A GIANT SQUIRREL might destroy all the muffins and cause Prom to be cancelled!  The squirrel climbed through a window into Mr. Forebrook’s West Wing Science room at Brookside, and ate at least two trays of muffins.  It was going for more, when Mr. Forebrook arrived just in time to bravely fight off the squirrel using whatever he could find.  Mr. Forebrook described the squirrel as a fat malicious monster who wanted to eat all the Prom muffins. Prom is now saved thanks to Mr. Forebrook’s quick thinking!


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