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The Three Musketeers: March

Are you really in love or are you infatuated?

Infatuation is instant desire. It is caused by a lack of confidence and security. You are excited and eager, but not genuinely happy. You constantly ask yourself whether they are cheating or not, and you make a point of checking, and maybe even daydream about them cheating on you and let those thoughts anger you for no reason. Infatuation makes you think, “We’re gonna get married right away because I can’t risk losing you!” Sex becomes your bond to them, but the bond is not strong. You are constantly switching from hating them to loving them, but eventually you get bored and move on.

Love is a friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding and the mature acceptance of imperfection. It gives you strength and a deep feeling of warmth, comfort and security. It makes you think, “Be patient, don’t panic. Plan your future with confidence.” Love requires trust, and gives you the security of knowing that your love won’t betray you.

The point is: infatuation might lead you do things you will regret later, but love never will.

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