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Math Teacher A Millionaire!

A Waukegan High School teacher on television? Yes! Mr. Gary Leavenworth, a cool, nice Washington campus math teacher, on Who Wants to be A Millionaire! Well he’s not really on t.v yet, but will be this month. Is Mr. Leavenworth in need of big money or is it just for fun?
“My wife saw a commercial for auditions in Chicago and she said you’re smart, I think you should try out so I did,” said Leavenworth. He used to be a fan of the show when he was younger, but is not really into it now as an adult. “When I knew I was going to audition, that’s when I started watching.” The auditions were hosted in Chicago at the Rivers Casino by the O’Hare airport in July, but the actual show is in New York City. “I had to fly to NY for a couple of days in September, it was in downtown NY.  To get on the game show, it takes a lot of steps. “The audition thing was a test, then an interview by the producer. After that, was a televised interview to see if you are good in front of [a] camera, after that you just wait for the call.” The show has one simple rule. “You can’t be on two game shows in one year.” This is Leavenworth’s first televised show, so no worries there. Mr. Leavenworth  received a call and then he flew out to the Big Apple. He was excited to be on television and not only did he get to be on t.v., but he also got the chance to share an elevator with P!nk. “She’s really not pleasant looking, she just looks angry.” Mr. Leavenworth even walked right past T.I.! “They were both there that day for the show The View,” said Mr. Leavenworth. “It was really fun, really nervous but everyone who runs the show, the crew, was really nice, and Meredith Vieira is super cool!”
Playing a game that involves a lot of money must be really nerve-racking to be in. “Psh yeah! Crazy nervous! That’s a lot of money that could be won. My wife and I just had a baby so the opportunity was looking really nice.” So now what, You’ve probably been dying to know, did Mr. Leavenworth win any money? Well sadly we can’t know that until the show is actually televised. “I can’t say how much until it’s on t.v., it’s a contract I signed. It hasn’t been on t.v yet. So I haven’t got paid, a couple weeks after the show is televised, maybe three, I get the check.” So when will the show be on t.v exactly? “I taped on September 18, so it could be in May.” The experience Mr. Leavenworth had was great, so does this mean we will maybe see him in other game shows? “I guess, if there’s a chance to win money for being smart, I’ll take it.” Keep a lookout for Mr. Leavenworth on Who Wants to be a Millionaire on their new season coming out.

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