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Welcome to Spring 2013!! Green leaves should (hopefully) be sprouting soon, and spring sports will hopefully kick off too. While Girls Soccer season started February 25th, the weather didn’t cooperate, so games were cancelled.  The team has been training at Brookside Campus’ indoor track and at the Lake County Sports Center. Hopes are high that the team will have even more wins than in previous seasons. “We have higher expectations to win more games,” says Varsity Midfielder, Lisbeth Figueroa. Lisbeth is one of the few seniors on the Varsity team. “Playing soccer is amazing. It’s a passion. I just love the confidence that comes from testing my skills,” Figueroa adds, her eyes lighting up.

“All the girls are motivated and passionate,” states Coach Jose Fernandez. “Seeing the program moving in the right direction and the team’s hard work paying off, helps them to keep their motivation level 100%,” says the proud coach. The girl’s Varsity Team Captains, Jhaneth Alvarez and Jacqueline Ortiz plan to show “a lot of commitment to the team and to be motivated. We want to give our best effort and our love for the game as always,” says Jhaneth, “I want the team to be able to communicate with each other more efficiently.”


This season is the last for many of the girls on the Varsity team, “I hope my seniors learn how to pass their commitment and motivation down to the incoming players, as well as use it in life,” says Coach Fernandez. The bittersweet feeling of knowing that some of the girls will never play on the WHS soccer team again is starting to hit home. “I remember being a freshman and trying out for soccer. Now I am one of the team captains for varsity. It feels real amazing, let me tell you that!” Jhaneth chuckles half-heartedly, “What I will miss most about the team will definitely be the bus rides! They’re so much fun.”


On March 20th, Girls’ Varsity played against Zion Benton at Weiss Field. The girls have a long season of soccer and drills before it all ends in May. Many seniors have plans for after they graduate: “I am hoping to go to college,” smiles Figueroa, “I am not sure where I want to go, maybe Carroll University.” Lisbeth, Jhaneth and several other seniors on the team are looking forward to an amazing year of soccer. Even though they will soon part ways, they savor every moment together. “Soccer taught me to never give up,” says Figueroa tilting her head to the side, “So I won’t.”



LEFT: The team staying warm by working out.  

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