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Mindless Behavior: Not just a clever name

The Jackson 5? No, they’re more like the Mindless 4, consisting of Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray, and Princeton, aka Mindless Behavior. This aspiring R&B/Hip Hop boy band riding over the sea of musical charts with its new album entitled, All Around The Worldalong with the their hit single, “Keep Her On The Low.”Mindless Behavior is leaving yet another mark in music history, but unfortunately it is for the worse. The band’s flawed sound is fabricated with a $250 device, the auto-tune.  And while their pricey dresswear sometimes makes up for the fact that no actual singing is necessary, it doesn’t work well enough.  Their excessive use of auto-tune and their repetitive in-sync dance moves drown out the times when their generic music is upbeat and has moments of genuine emotions.Mindless Behavior seems like just another money leech in the swamp of the music industry.  In fact, its members were individually selected out of 600 kids who auditioned for Conjunction Entertainment Inc. in 2008. Mindless Behavior, the band, was then assembled by CEO Walter Millsap and Streamline Records’ head Vincent Herbert.  Only if you love that type of corporate manifestation should you give them a go.

Mindless Behavior postcards were sent to The Dog Times as a promotion, but even as I distributed them, the cards were returned to me shortly afterwards with chuckles and laughs.

Still, don’t take my word for it, listen for yourselves and either give in to the bandwagon effect, or rejoice.

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