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BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Teen Pregnancy

Forget about trying to squeeze into those ultra skinny jeans ladies because size 16 is the new size 0! As celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba start popping out the babies.

It’s more the glamorous aspect of pregnancy that has captured the eyes of teen girls around the globe. I mean, who can blame them? Jennifer Lopez was absolutely glowing when she was pregnant with her twins; so looking stunning while growing an adorable baby inside of you is the ultimate package.

Teen girls need to focus more about graduating from High School, showers, decorating the nursery and picking out the hippest maternity clothes.

Sure, babies are notorious for their screaming, crying and spitting up, but you can tune those little disgusting features out and stay in your own pre-pregnancy glow that would give Jennifer Lopez a run for her money. Plus, if it’s not as cute as you expected it to be, adoption is always an option or just throw them away!


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