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Senior Paper, I stressed over that.

School Fees, I have to pay them.
Acceptance Letter, I hope I get into my dream school.
Scholarships, I need those.
Senior Ditch Day, I’m ditching that day.
Finals, I hope I pass them.

Prom, I can’t wait to have fun.
Graduation, I’m finally leaving this school.
College, I can’t wait to experience.
The real world, will I be able to handle it?
Seniors have the most worries out of all of the students
We worry about everything above and still manage to make it
Well, at least most of us do.
-Vannetta Thompson, Brookside Senior










Chirp Chirp!

Everything is new.

Flowers start to grow,

The snow starts to melt.

Winter ends. This is spring. Summer to come.

Oh no! Here come the allergies!

School’s ending. Finals coming.

Cold. Warm. Hot.

Sweatshirt weather.


– Eleanor Woertz, Brookside freshman


Hope you have the best of the best. You were like an angel apart from all the rest. You came into my life to understand. I needed someone and you were there. You made me smile when everything was bad. Just like that, I’ll have your back. Whether you need me or not, I’ll be there all the time.

 You became like a brother in my life. Thank God he put you in my path. I made the right choice to finally talk. But you have to understand I suffer a lot, Since you came into my life. It was like the sun, finally a rose in time. With the magic of art you showed me the right path. And I never doubted you because I knew you were right.

I don’t want you to leave, but that’s alright. I’ll have you in my mind day and night. The memories will stay in this big heart. You were that spark of light Likewise, the spark of life. If I ever have to give up my life. It will only be for you, that’s a fact. Because I know you’ll do good things as generations go flying by.

 – Alvaro Ibarra, Brookside junior


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