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ALL GROWN UP: Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson just released his new song and video, Like We Grown. Remember the boy who took Cyrus’ spotlight because of a mix-up in the movie Let It Shine. Well Trevor Jackson has definitely shown that he has talent of his own. He is a very talented singer and dancer. He will fit right in with all the other upcoming artists his age. He is a 16-year-old who wants to be grown. Well at least he wants to love someone like he is…

We, as high schoolers can all relate to trying to love someone or show someone a good time by maybe acting a little older than we are… Well Trevor holds nothing back in his video. The girl he chose for his video, Shake It Up Chicago’s (Disney Channel Show) star Zendaya, plays the part very well and they look like a lovely couple. They have already taken over twitter with many fans tweeting #zevorforever. Lets just hope and pray that they don’t act too grown. But go check out his new song. It really is a hit! Definitely a song that may end up on my playlist very soon. :)




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