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The Infamous Artist Amy Frankel

Art is not just about paintings. It can help us relax. It can bring a creative side out of each person. It’s sometimes healing, and can bring out joy in you. It can even be someone very good at art — her presence is so, so, so alive, unlike any other Art teacher I have known.  She is in tune with herself and the people around her while teaching class. A very open-minded soul unable to control, no matter what the situation, no one can put a mute button on this infamous artist, Amy Frankel.


Her words more powerful to the ear then having headphones in with the music on–they just go blasting through you. As she walks up to each student with open eyes you can tell when she is not thinking the best about what she sees in your art. Now she starts to rave about any mistakes that were made more than once, and puts the whole class on hold to say: “Listen class. Listen. Watch out for the certain mistakes, like putting too much paint on the canvas which will cause it to have a different look and effect.”


One girl, Sabrina, hair red as cherries with a pinch of blonde, looks at Ms. Frankel in a happy but frustrated way. Sabrina continues to work, not letting the teacher see her face as she looks at her, almost blushing, and every time Ms. Frankel asks to see her work as good as it is, she says “No” at first “No, I’m good. I don’t want to show my work.” But the teacher turns to her, with such joy that you almost can feel the tension begin, she screams at the top of her lungs: ”I love it, Sabrina!” The student replies “Oh my gosh” and smiles with joy.  So the infamous artist Amy Frankel, tries to relax and let the class continue to work, but she is overwhelmed with the joy of art and teaching. She continues to roam the class looking, and helping each student try to reach his or her full potential.

Every powerful, strong-woman stride she takes, signals something is bound to happen.  She is very demanding, though so calm and cool.

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