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So Long, Our Fantastic Editor-in-Chief!

A sit down with The Dog Times’ own Editor-in-Chief, Eninna Solache, leads to tales about The Dog Times, bullying and college.

Eninna, Nina for short, is a bubbly person who always maintains a positive attitude. She is a Mexican-Irish hybrid with reddish-brown hair and matching brown eyes.

Nina’s high school experience began with escaping the bullying she faced in middle school. “They put gum in my hair and took red paint and put it on my pants to make it look like I got my period,” Nina explained, while half chuckling. She said they bullied her “like crazy” but it’s clear she’s come a long way from letting those memories bother her.

High school started to look just as bad as middle school when her grades started to drop. She said, “I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.” Things started to change for her when she took the Journalism taught by Ms. Grace Roberti. “I hated the class at first,” she started, and went on to say how she gradually started to like it after realizing she was pretty good at writing. Being in Journalism lead her to join The Dog Times, which ended up being exactly what Nina needed. “It gives me a place at school.” It even managed to earn her some extra cash. “I sold a $500 ad and got paid $80 for it,” she boasted. “It seems intimidating but when you see your work on paper, and see people reading it, it feels really good.” She was rewarded for her efforts last summer when she received the newspaper’s first scholarship, which will be paying for her books next fall when she starts college. She was awarded for everything she’s done to help the paper flourish, which includes the 32 articles she’s contributed. With her time at Waukegan High School ending, Nina has made plans to go to Columbia College Chicago and pursue her writing. Nina’s always wanted to go there and started eye-balling it back in he sophomore year. “My sophomore year I really wanted to be a music producer- I have no idea why, I have no musical talent whatsoever- but that’s how I got into Columbia. It has creative writing, journalism, and sign language.” While that last one may seem random, its what Nina plans to minor in. The Nina-nator is majoring in Journalism and Creative Writing. Her excitement for it shows whenever she talks about college. “I’m excited because I love Columbia,” Nina gushed, but after a few moments she said she was going to miss being home. “[I'm going to miss] being home with my parents and being able to rely on everybody. Its gonna be scary to be on my own.”

Nina takes with her some volunteer experience and the ability to motivate people. She volunteers at elementary schools teaching a ballroom dance class to children, and has been a teacher’s assistant in the science lab for Ms. Hauser. Nina will hopefully remain the shameless duck lover she is now.

Nina has been an exceptional Editor-in-Chief that will be missed by the school and the entire Dog Times Staff.

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