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Drill Down, A Night to Remember!

Drill Down: JROTC’s biggest competition pinning battalion versus battalion and company against company. It is a nerve-wracking event for both the cadets and the instructors which takes weeks of preparation and practice. The cadets plan everything out while the instructors supervise to make sure everything goes smoothly. The cadet staff works behind the scenes to grade the companies during the event to make sure everything and everyone is where they should be. Each company prepares themselves to show off what they have learned over the course of the year as they march on the gym floor in front of an overflowing audience. The last cadet or company standing wins. Literally! The winners are… 

Staff Sergeant Daniel Monreal from India Company for Squad Drill;  First Lieutenant Abril Hernandez from Golf for Platoon Drill; Company Commander Berenice Arciniega from India for Overall Best Company; Corporal Cesar Trujillo from Delta for Guidon Bearer; Sergeant Nervy Avila from Alpha for Individual Drill; S1 Captain Jaison Banks for Saber Drill;  Command Sergeant Major Hwangchan Yu from 2nd Battalion for Color Guard.


           After the winners were announced and the awards given out, it was time for the senior farewell. Like Parent’s Night where the new cadets were welcomed into the regiment, it was time for the seniors to say good-bye. As the names were called, a baby picture and a current picture was shown of each senior. With a raise of their right hands, the seniors said the Cadet Creed for the last time with their regiment. Led by Regimental Commander JayJay Yu and bearing his newly gifted saber for completing his job well done this year, the cadet senior class of 2013 walked out of the Dog Pound in their last major JROTC event.

The night ended with a bittersweet note. Some cadets left the gym with newly won medals, titles, and bragging rights but all will leave with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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