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Music Review: Who is B. Smyth?

Nineteen-year old, YouTube sensation, B Smyth, has become quite the charmer since his YouTube videos were published by the amazing B himself.

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale Florida, B grew up mostly playing sports, especially football. When he was little, his mom would always sing around their house and that really inspired B. But it wasn’t until he was in 10th grade that he really got into singing. He joined a chorus, sang in talent shows, and also took dance classes. Since then, he has been posting and singing beautiful covers on YouTube, from “Thinking bout you” by Frank Ocean, to “Sure Thing” by Miguel.


As time went by, Smyth’s channel on YouTube grew and got a ton of subscribers as well as video views. Soon Smyth was being called by many different labels.  Smyth, chose to sign with Motown Records, and where his journey as a singer/artist began.

In December 2012, B released his hit single “LEGGO” and featuring “2 Chainz” on iTunes, and on YouTube, December 11, 2012.

Catchy and fun to jam to, B definitely is incredibly talented and has his own thing going on. No doubt, we will be hearing more from him when he drops his debut album soon!  So if you’re looking for something new to listen to, crank it up with my homeboy, B. Smyth.

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