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Row, Row, Row your Boat!

Are you interested in boats?  What if you were able to build one?  Sounds fun right?

Well, freshman “Intro to Tech” classes are building a boat. It is the first time in Waukegan High School history that this has happened.  Mr. Mike Tanner, a first year teacher, has five classes in total and has about 40 students in each Intro to Tech class working on boats, one at each campus.“The boats will be a little different because this is my first time building a boat. One boat is more of a proto-type and the other one will be better because I will know what to do and what not to do,“ says Mr. Tanner. Although both boats are a little different, all students will be using the same tools and have the same plan to build the boat. “ These boats are designed by the Ladybug Boat Company,” Mr. Tanner stated. “The boat was supposed to be 14 feet long, but my students thought it was a bit too small, so now it will be 18 feet long“. Tanner is familiar with motors because he worked for 30 years at Outboard Marine Corporation, a manufacturing company, before becoming a teacher. So when asked what made him think about the idea of building a boat, he replied: “I like to explore and look around and what I found were two boat motors in the closet of my classroom at Brookside.”   Those motors gave Mr. Tanner  the idea of building boats.  Boats alone are very expensive, but making a boat on your own is even more expensive. Knowing motors alone are very expensive, Larsen Marine of Waukegan agreed to provide the motors for Mr. Tanner’s students’ boats.    One motor will be a electric outboard, and the other one will be co-horsepower which causes no pollution. So now the classes are one step closer to finishing the boats.

As I observe Mr.Tanner’s 8th period class, most of the students seem to be so excited to be working on the boat.  Who wouldn’t want to tell a friend about a boat they helped build?  These students are not just learning how to build a boat they are also using tools they probably never used or seen before . The students  also plan on painting the boats and launching them from the Waukegan Yacht club, hopefully during the third week in May–FINALS WEEK.

They’d like to thank Waukegan High School for paying for the wood and Benton Lumber for providing the wood.  One day soon, Mr. Tanner and his students hope to sell the amazing boats they decided to build in class to help pay for future projects.



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